What is Yerba Mate?

Yerba Mate is a tea-like beverage that which is brewed from the dried leaves and stems of the Yerba Mate tree, a native of the tropical rain forests of northeastern Argentina, eastern Paraguay and southern Brazil. The infusion is traditionally prepared by steeping the tea leaves in hot (not boiling) water in a hollowed gourd made from the dried fruit casing of a common calabash, wood or even a cow horn. The gourd is filled two thirds full with the dried yerba mate tea leaves, then each time water is poured in, the drinker sips the infusion through the bombilla – a filtered metal straw. More recently drinking Yerba Mate has become very popular in the rest of the world, especially due to its distinctive flavour and the many health benefits of the Yerba Mate plant.


So what’s MateCo2?

MateCo2 is Australia’s first sparkling & refreshing drink based on Yerba Mate. MateCo2 contains the highest quality ingredients we could source, and the drink’s unique flavour profile is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. It’s low in sugar, low in calories, vegan, gluten-free and healthy. Drink MateCo2 ice cold for energy, clarity and refreshment. MateCo2’s distinct flavour and lasting effect will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.


Is Yerba Mate healthy?

Yerba Mate is nutrient packed with naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & amino acids! It contains 24 different vitamins and minerals, 15 types of amino acids, and a wide array of powerful antioxidants. Yerba Mate has also been shown to reduce blood pressure due to its potassium and magnesium content and it is known as an anti diabetic agent slowing development of hyperglycaemia (excess sugar in blood). Yerba Mate boosts and stimulates the immune system and helps to blocks the oxidation of low-density cholesterol by increasing antioxidant levels in the blood. It is also known to speeds up your metabolism and increasing metabolic effectiveness.


Does Yerba Mate contain caffeine?

Yerba mate contains a variant of caffeine called mateine. Mateine is a mild stimulant that does not alter sleep patterns or causes nervous jitters. Long time Yerba Mate drinkers like the stimulant properties because they do not possess the caffeine let down associated with coffee and other caffeinated drinks. 


What is the Sugar Content of MateCo2?

MateCo2 is low in natural sugar (4g/100 ml). It’s free of any artificial sugars.

Does MateCo2 contain alcohol?

MateCo2 is 100% alcohol free.

Is MateCo2 gluten free?

Yep MateCo2 is 100% gluten free!


Is MateCo2 suitable for vegans?

Our drink most certainly is suitable for plant-based eaters!

How long does MateCo2 last after opening?

We recommend consuming within a couple of days of opening. Once opened, the MateCo2 will start to lose its fizz.