Evolution of the Mate

MATE – pronounced MAH-TEH, has been around for centuries and the evolution of our MATE has been a wild one. The beginning of this journey takes us to South America where they have been enjoying the traditional brew of Yerba Mate Tea for thousands of years. Naturally caffeinated and healthier than coffee this South American tradition has been widely enjoyed and disclosed to the masses as the perfect “pick me up”. From here our little old MATE was then shipped off to Europe where it really began to evolve into a fashionable and tasty way to get an energy kick whilst enjoying a satiating refreshing and healthy drink. Seeing a gap in the market in Australia, our good old MATE was perfectly crafted into a healthy, convenient bubbly and delicious brew once again for our Australian mates downunder!

What’s in a Mate?

What makes a good MATE? This MateCo2 is an ideal MATE to have, why? Well, this MATE is made to be enjoyed in any place, being alcohol free, it’s unique flavour profile is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. It’s s naturally energising, low in sugar, vegan and gluten free! It’s distinct earthy & lemony flavour will leave you refreshed and revitalised if you are in a bar, at work, a picnic or anywhere! A MATE you can savour, zesty, carbonated and energising with extracts of the healthy Yerba Mate leaves.
Not to mention, hanging with mates with your MATE is perfectly acceptable, feminine and masculine, this MATE is diverse and now available nationwide in Australia. Drink as is or spruce up into a yummy cocktail, this natural MATE is delicious with vodka, rum, tequila and more.

The Founders

MateCo2 was born out of a shared love of entrepreneurship, fitness, and Yerba Mate in 2018 by the founders Vivien and Darren and personal trainer Shane. With Vivien’s European background and passion for exotic flavours, Shane’s knowledge in fitness and nutrition and Darren’s expertise in business and start-ups, they created a unique non-alcoholic new drink to the Australian market that is savour, zesty, carbonated and energising with extracts of the healthy Yerba Mate plant. MateCo2 is still in its start-up phase but has well arrived at the Sunshine Coast region and is being stocked in several cafes and stores around the country.  MateCo2 mission is to bringing exciting and refreshing beverages to Australian communities and bringing them new exciting natural flavours that promote a healthy lifestyle.